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Interdisciplinary Passions in 
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About Me


My name is Henry. I graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Neuroscience. With experience in domains including molecular neurobiology and computational proteomics, I am dedicated to interdisciplinary hypothesis-based research that leverages integrated computational methods to drive insight into pathological mechanisms. I am eager to use this approach to study disease, particularly cancers, and to help advance precision medicine approaches using modern informatics. Additionally, as an experienced software developer, I am passionate about interdisciplinary service projects and creating socially-impactful technologies to foster community education and improve healthcare access for underserved groups. I am eager to draw upon these different perspectives to help advance biomedical innovation and healthcare.

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Research & Software


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Brain Development | Glioma Physiology | Machine Learning |  Protein Engineering | Immunotherapy & Cell Therapy

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Creating virtual resources to support the mental health community, assist pain medicine, & more

Developing engaging, immersive digital platforms to drive interactive education and enhance learning accessibility

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